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I help you transform your health & wellness brand to attract more of your ideal clients and consistently increase revenue in your business.

it’s time to experience your next level

You Deserve to Have a Brand That Will Show Up and Show Out for Your Business

With all of the hard work you put into growing your business, you should be able to rest assured knowing your brand is working hard for you too. I know the feeling, putting all of that work into marketing your brand only to get little to nothing in return for all your efforts. It probably feels like it’s impossible to level up no matter how hard you work. Yeah, frustrating indeed… sounds like this is the perfect time to re-evaluate how you’re branding your business.


Generating more revenue for your business doesn’t have to be rocket science. We believe getting clear on what your brand represents and how to reach your target market through brand identity is key to getting profitable results. This is exactly why we offer our Brand Transformation service; so you can confidently market your brand, get results and advance to your next level with ease.

So, here's how it all got started ...

Since I could remember I’ve always been passionate about designing, so much so that throughout my career I’ve never worked full time in a position that wasn’t a design role. Over the years, I’ve worked with many different corporate companies designing their marketing materials and websites. I’ve had the opportunity for my work to be featured in many publications seen by thousands of people. 


However, with every position I had I noticed that something didn’t feel right. I would always feel some type of overwhelm or anxiety, I felt like I couldn’t work at my fullest potential because of all the stress. After being exhausted and overworked job after job, I realized that there was a problem that needed to be fixed on a wide scale. Too many companies are lacking the simple aspect of incorporating health and wellness into their businesses.

This became extremely apparent to me when I was working for a company that was marketing to the health and wellness industry, but the work environment was so hectic and disorganized that they had people quitting because it was affecting their health. How ironic is that?

I knew there had to be a better way of doing business where you didn’t have to be stressed out and overwhelmed just to stay afloat. Through my experience helping companies market their brands through my creative expertise, I’ve also been able to streamline their strategies and help them get in a more organized, less stressful position for their business moving forward.


This is something that I strive to continue to offer for woman-owned health and wellness businesses. Particularly because I believe health and wellness is so needed in today’s society and I want to help those businesses thrive. Also, because I love to uplift women entrepreneurs. It’s our time to shine!


With Shannon Butler & Company, I combined my creative design skills with my love for health and wellness to create a new, more peaceful experience for your business that will allow you to not only transform your health and wellness brand, but allow you to see more revenue in your business without the unnecessary exhaustion and overwhelm.

Rose gold cement texture background. Retro shiny wall surface, polished metal, steel texture, highly detailed copy space for any design.

The core of Why I do what I do



Making sure my clients have a brand that allows their business to develop at its highest potential with less stress is my top priority.



I make it a point to get my clients aligned with their brand identity so they can present themselves as authorities in their industry.



Knowledge is power. That’s why I provide resources and services to help my clients position their brand for long lasting success.

Ready to Work Together?

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