Custom Web Design and Brand Development for Health & Wellness Business Women

Your hard work is paying off and your business is growing, but you’re still operating under a D.I.Y. website and logo. At this point, it’s essential that you align your brand with where you’re currently at in your business. You need a brand that builds trust, increases leads and retains clients on a consistent basis. This is all made possible with our signature Brand Transformation.







You Need a Strong Brand That Effortlessly Attracts More of Your Ideal Clients & Increases Your Revenue

After providing results and making an impact on your clients, you want to be able to continue growing and expanding your health and wellness business to reach more clients while making more profits in less time. The D.I.Y. website and branding you had in the beginning isn’t matching up with the quality of products and services you offer now. You’re constantly putting in effort to market your brand and attract your target audience, but you aren’t seeing it translate into more sales. It’s like you’ve hit a plateau.


At this point, you’re in need of a transformation that will give your business a much needed refresh and launch you into your next level. You’ve been putting in the work, now you need your brand to work for you.

Stop stressing over attracting your target audience and start allowing your brand to do the heavy lifting

Your Next Level is Closer Than You Think

Trust me, I know that the decision to transform your brand may seem scary. You’ve been so used to doing mostly everything yourself and it’s hard to trust someone else with such a big part of your business.

Allow me to put your mind at ease …

Leveling up your brand is actually more simple than you think. All you have to do is show up and I’ll do the rest. You see, when you work with me I won’t just design your brand and keep it moving. I pride myself in providing not only a transformation, but an experience for my clients so they are fully comfortable and confident in operating their brand for optimal success and they can start getting results right away.

You’re Ready for Your Transformation if …


You’ve been running your health and wellness business for a year or more but you are still operating under a D.I.Y. website and branding.


You want to free up your time from constantly branding and marketing your business so you can focus more on your clients.


Marketing your current brand isn’t bringing in the profits you desire and you’re ready to start bringing in more revenue with less effort.

Why You Should Work With Me on Your Brand Transformation

  • I design your website solely on WordPress for optimal customization so there's no limitations to the features that are available for your site
  • Every website I design is from scratch, no templates. This is to ensure you get exactly what you want and your website will be unique to you
  • I incorporate the best SEO and marketing elements directly on to your site that will not only get people on your website, but actually convert them into real paying clients
  • Health and wellness brands are the only types of brands I specifically cater to, so I know how to get you the best results for your industry
  • I not only provide a transformation for your brand, but I also make it a point to walk you through how to use it to get the best results so you walk away happy and confident with your finished product.

What my clients are saying

Our Signature Brand Transformation Package

Brand Development

  • Mood Board & Color Palette
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Main Logo Design
  • 2 Secondary Logo Designs

Web Design

  • Website Design (up to 8 pages)
  • WordPress Development
  • Blog Design (with up to 5 starter posts)
  • Website Training Session

Branding Assets

  • Instagram Audit
  • 5 Social Media Design Templates
  • Business Card Design
  • Email Signature

+ Additional services available upon request


Great question! In order for me to deliver your best transformation in a timely manner, it’s best that you already have professional photos and your written copy ready to go before the start of your project. Ideally, these things should be available before you book. However, if you’re confident that they will be ready before your project start date, then feel free to book in advance.

Typically your Brand Transformation will take between 10-12 weeks on average to complete so we can deliver your best customized results.


Alternatively, if you just need a quick and simple solution for your brand development, you may want to consider our Brand Accelerator.


As of right now, I am solely building websites on the WordPress platform. This is to ensure you get the most customization and best features for your website with no limitations and without the monthly fees to keep your website up and running. If your website is currently on a different platform, I will migrate it to WordPress for you.

Of course! I want you to be able to focus on the things you actually love to do in your business. After your project has been completed, you will have the option to sign up for our maintenance package which includes website updates, technical support and access to our help desk.

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